About Us

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About Us

This is a property blog that is produced by us. We hope to engage audiences with better and balanced information to explore real estate and related topics.

We are two newbie bloggers in Singapore. While we haven’t been blogging together for that long, before we decided to turn our hands to building this website, we had worked together on many a project.

When attending a local business conference, we both met and found our talents, experience and perspective made for great teamwork in business. Having professionally clicked on this meeting, we then realised that in Singapore, both of our hometown since childhood, we had not lived far from each other. We wanted to partner in a joint website venture because we had a wealth of knowledge and skills between us, and that’s how scottandterry.com came to be.

Why We Started

Through joining together and combining our expertise in business and finance, we have succeeded in building a website that tourists do not only want to use, but will keep returning to time and again. Additionally, they can keep up-to-date with industry patterns and comings and goings.

As enthusiastic writers, we understand how quickly the internet is going and so the access to information that people need to travel with it too. That is why you will be able to browse fresh and up-to – date categories and posts on our website, and concentrate on what matters in the corporate and financial world at the moment.